Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beginners CNC Class Coming To HammerSpace In March

If you have been wanting to learn how to draw and draft for CNC, here is your opportunity! This class is open to both members AND non-members of HammerSpace. RSVP required by calling (913) 686-6562 or email your request to hammerspacehobby @ gmail for confirmation.

Beginners CNC Class At HammerSpace
Saturday, March 7th, 11am-2pm (includes intermission)
For ages: 10-110 years old
Cost $20/person (to be paid at the time of the class)

Learn how to accurately draw artistic and mechanical renderings to be used with the CNC equipment in the HammerSpace workshop, or anywhere else. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR LAPTOP!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Learn How To Make Your Very Own Vinyl Decals, Signs, & More!

(Learn How To Use The Large Format Vinyl Cutter)
Saturday, February 21st, 11am-1pm

For ages: 10 years to Adult
Cost: $25/person (all materials included)
Open to both members AND non-members of Hammerspace

Learn how to use the in-house large-format vinyl cutter, and how to weed, transfer, and apply your vinyl decals. In addition, you'll learn about the wide variety of applications for vinyl including signs, car decals (bumper/window stickers), laptop decals, home decor, and other projects!

During this class, you will be making your very own vinyl decals to keep for yourself, or to give as a gift. And FYI: If you are a Hammerspace member, you can use our in-house large format vinyl cutter to make as many decals, signs, etc as you want!

RSVP Required. Seating is limited. Sign up by calling (913) 686-6562 or email your request to hammerspacehobby @ gmail to receive confirmation.

Hope you can join us!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

with local artist Thomas Sciacca
Saturday, Feb. 7th and Sunday Feb. 8th, 1-3pm (2-Part Class)
Cost: $45/member, $50/non-member (total cost for both days combined)
Includes paint brushes and wooden canvases
RSVP required to attend

This workshop will cover a specific paint technique that Sciacca has used for over thirty years, as an illustrator, scenic artist, and fine artist. It's an easy, step by step layering process, which capitalizes on the quick drying characteristics of acrylic paint. Students will be asked to work through the technique, after watching a demonstration. All materials will be provided. Along with this, he will spend a portion of time discussing and sharing insights from his years as both a working artist, and educator. Whether you want to use acrylic for fun and personal satisfaction, or, take it to professional contexts, this workshop welcomes painters/artists of any level.

RSVP required by calling (913) 686-6562 or email hammerspacehobby @ gmail for confirmation. Sign up soon. Seating is limited!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hammerspace Google Group helps members stay in touch.

There is a new way to stay in touch with the Hammerspace community.  Join the Google group and join in the conversation.  Share tips, ask questions, and get to know the other members here at the space and from our larger maker community.  Click here to view or join the Google Group.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pinewood Derby Car Workshops Now Available At HammerSpace

We held another successful pinewood derby car workshop at Hammerspace for some local scouts over the weekend. It's always a fun, rewarding experience for us getting the chance to teach both the kids and their parents how to use power tools to make award winning vehicles... which they most certainly did! Good luck at the races, guys!

If you have a group of scouts who need the tools and guidance to build fast and furious pinewood derby cars, just let us know and we can schedule a private workshop time for your group. Only $15/child if you bring your own car kit. Call (913) 686-6562 or email hammerspacehobby @ gmail to get more information.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Closed For New Year's Eve, Open on New Year's Day!

HammerSpace will be CLOSED to the general public for New Year's Eve, but will still be open to active members who need to use the facility.

We WILL however be open on New Year's Day and will be holding our weekly Thursday night Open House from 6-8pm for new visitors as usual. Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year's Eve! We look forward to seeing some amazing creations in 2015! Thanks for a great year, fellow makers!